Student Handbook

Welcome Parents and Students:

As part of a corrective process, your child has been enrolled at Bill Duncan Opportunity Center (BDOC) for a period of time during this school year. At BDOC we believe that students can be successful. We take pride on providing a safe and orderly environment. As we work closely with students, know that we are devoted to transitioning all students back to their home schools equipped with the necessary social skills and study habits for continued success during the year.


1:00 Pm Rule:

All students are to be in class from 1:00 pm until afternoon dismissal. Teachers will not issue passes after 1:00pm or send students out of the classroom unless prompted by administration. Only those called for by the main office will be released during this time.


Check Out:

Check out is done through the main office.  Students will not be allowed to check themselves out of school. Only a parent/guardian or others as listed on the emergency card will be allowed to check students out. Picture ID must be presented each time before the student will permitted to check out. Students who are 18 years old and/or who claiming independence must have documentation on file.


Clinic Visits/Student Illness/Medication:

Students who become ill during school hours will inform their teacher and will contact the main office for further instructions. A parent will be contacted by the nurse, if necessary. Students who need medication should see the nurse for appropriate documents and procedures to follow. Students are not allowed to be in possession of prescription or over-the-counter medication at any time.


Enrollment and Transportation:

  • After attending the required orientation on Wednesday, Student(s) may begin the following Monday.
  • Once the required two proofs of address are submitted, a bus request is made to the District Transportation Department. Their contact number is (863) 534-7300
  • Within 3 to 4 school days, the Transportation Department will return a bus pass to the school office. The student will be given 3 copies of the bus pass; one for the AM driver, one for the PM driver and one for the parent(s) records. Students are not allowed to drive while attending Bill Duncan Opportunity Center
  • Breakfast is provided free of charge. Breakfast is served until the tardy bell. Students are not allowed to bring any food or drinks on campus or have it delivered.



Dr. Leigh Anne Cooley