SAC Members needed

Serve on North Lakeland Elementary’s School Advisory Council (SAC)!  All meetings will be conducted virtually during the first semester of the school year.

Each school has a SAC whose members:

  • Determine school improvement priorities
  • Publicize the School Improvement Plan
  • Support School Improvement Plan implementation
  • Evaluate the School Improvement Plan
  • Assist in the decision-making process and approval of expenditures of District Lottery Funds and School Recognition Funds, as well as review the school budget

Florida state law states that every school must have a SAC that works collaboratively with the principal and staff to develop the annual School Improvement Plan (SIP). The SAC analyzes relevant data to determine the goals in the plan and how progress toward the goals will be measured. SACs are not fundraising organizations. They do not conduct fundraising activities, accept donations, or maintain bank accounts. Each SAC is composed of the principal and appropriately balanced team of people with parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, business and community members that mirror the ethnic, racial, and economic makeup of the school community.

Your participation as a SAC member is one of the most important functions you will perform for your school. As a member, you will learn many new things about complicated issues that impact student success.  Our first virtual meeting will take place on Thursday, October 1st from 8:00-9:00 a.m.

If you are interested in being a part of our School Advisory Council for 2020-21 school year, please click on the link below to receive more information.  A school representative will contact you with more information.  Thank you!