Dress Code


Every student is expected to dress in a manner which is appropriate for the environment while maintaining an appearance which complies with the adopted school dress code.

Bottoms: Dress pants/slacks (plain, full-length-khakis, cotton) are required. No capris, cargo, joggers, carpenter pants, spandex, or denim/jean/double-stitch fabric (any color). Undergarments should not be showing at any time. Pants are to be worn at the waist, not at the hip area or below. Pants must not touch the ground and are not allowed to be rolled up. No Skirts/dresses or overalls.

Belts: Belts must be worn with all pants that have belt loops. Alternative ties will be used when a belt is not worn.

Shirts: Collared shirts are required; button-down dress shirt or polo styles (with no emblems/writing). Shirts must be solid-colored; no plaids, no strips, no polka-dots or other designs and must be buttoned to the top and neatly tucked in at all times. Shirts may be short or long sleeved (long sleeves shirts may not be rolled up at the cuff).

Shoes: Sneakers or casual dress shoes are required. The following are not permitted: Boots, Open-toed or open heel shoes/sandals, high-heels/pumps, boots, roller sneakers, light-up shoes, flip flops, and slippers.

Jackets: A plain outer jacket is permitted during travel to school. Upon entry, the jacket must be removed and will be stored in a designated area. Trench coats and sports/hooded/team wear jackets are not permitted.

Jewelry: Watches only. No smart watches, No other jewelry is allowed, and No piercings are allowed, alternative or otherwise (i.e. Ear, tongue, nose, lip, eyebrow, etc…). Covering earrings is not acceptable.

Other Apparel/Items: The following items are not permitted: Book bags, purses, chargers, bags, change of clothes, hats, sunglasses, bandanas/flags, skateboards and any other distractive apparel including torn/frayed clothing. If it is questionable, DO NOT WEAR IT, DO NOT BRING IT. BDOC staff reserves the right to seize any items that are deemed inappropriate or distracting. All clothing must be worn properly (i.e. No tucking of pants legs).