Upcoming Events

Feb 19 all-day

Description of Event: Student, Teacher, Paraeducatorr
Additional Information: School Calendarsr

Nut Day
Feb 23 all-day

No Uniform Today!

Students will have a sticker in their agenda if they have earned Nut Day. They may wear clothing of their choice, but must adhere to policies in Student Code of Conduct.

Spring Personality Picture Day
Feb 23 all-day
Staff Development Day, Student/Para Holiday
Feb 26 all-day
School Store Shopping Day
Feb 28 all-day

Day for shopping with Bonus Bucks at the school store.

Lunch Menu
North Lakeland Elementary Newsletter

School Mission

The Mission of Polk County Public Schools is to ensure rigorous, relevant learning experiences that result in high achievement for our students.

PCSB Website
School Board of Polk County, Florida

Welcome to our Website!

At North Lakeland Elementary we believe all students can and will be: Ready to work…Willing to learn.

Here at North Lakeland Elementary we are striving to connect students, parents and teachers. Within our site, you will be able to contact teachers and administration, look for upcoming events and see what’s going on around the campus.

Bell Schedule

Morning (AM)                                             

  • 7:30 – Students go to classrooms
  • 7:40 –  5 minutes till tardy bell
  • 7:45 – Tardy Bell (all students must be in class)

Afternoon (PM)

  • 2:45 – Car, bus, and van riders leave classrooms
  • 2:50 – Walkers leave classrooms
  • 3:00 – All students should be off campus

Latest News

Polk County Public Schools District Profile


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Slushy Tickets

Slushy tickets are now on sale. They will be sold ONLY on Mondays.

These tickets can be redeemed at PE on any day of the week.

All proceeds from the sales will benefit the Teacher Fund.

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2017-2018 NLCalendar

2017-2018 Calendar Pages (Updated)

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